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British Drift Championship

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The drift series for the UK's licensed amateur and pro-amateur drivers.
Although drifting is a highly competitive sport, the sense of camaraderie amongst drivers is legendary.

The BDC is the definitive amateur and pro-amateur drift series.
Our aim is to support up and coming talent by providing great practice and competition events, with the series top drivers getting the chance to compete at the highest level, the European Drift Championship.

The basics rules of the sport requires drivers to drive rear wheel drive cars sideways continuously round a series of corners. Drivers are judged on entry speed, how fast they can initiate the drift, the angle the car achieves during the corners, the speed of the transition from one direction to the other and last but not least the amount of smoke than can be produced.

16 drivers qualify for the finals, drivers are then placed in pairs to compete in a knock out competition, the highest qualifier battles against the lowest, second qualifier against fifteenth and so on.

The drivers are judged against each other rather than the lines on the track. Ten points are available and are split between the two drivers. The lead car must attempt to pull away from the chase car while still having good angle and making quick transitions and of cause speed.

The chase car must try to mimic the lead cars line angle and speed, he must follow as close as possible without making contact or disturbing the lead cars transitions. The drivers are allowed one practice run together with the highest qualifier being the lead car. They then run their first battle; one car will lead on the first of two runs, on the second the roles are reversed.

The drivers are judged by a group of three experienced drivers or experts, however if there is little to choose between the driver after the two runs the crowd is encouraged to cheer and clap for their favourite, if the crowd believes the drivers should do battle again they will start chanting - shouting 'one more time'.

The drivers will then be told to do another battle, they can be told to run a maximum of three times and then a decision must be made.

The sport continues to grow with the championship set to expand over the next few years to become the fastest growing form of motorsport in this country.

Vehicle Type:GT/Sports Car
Drive Type:RWD
Tyre Type:Free
Uk Or Non-Uk:UK
Realistic Inclusive Budget:2,500-5,000
Typical Vehicle Min Purchase Price:<2,500
Typical Vehicle Max Purchase Price:10,000-20,000
Organising Club:British Drift Championship
Ad Type:Championship
Licence Requirement:None
Website Address:www.thebritishdriftchampionship.co.uk

Contact NameMark Buckle
Company NameBritish Drift Championship
CountryUnited Kingdom
Preferred Phone07909977142
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