Cscc Tin Tops

Cscc Tin Tops


The Tin Tops series is for 2 litre or under, 4 cylinder Saloon and Hatchback Cars. No turbo or supercharged cars, with the exception of turbo diesels.

Tin Tops is for Saloon and Hatchback Cars with engine capacity under 2 litres, 4 cylinder (non turbo/supercharged, except diesel) of any age. Tin Tops is a close, exciting series, with cars ranging from near standard 1960's Mini's through to well developed ex BTCC cars. The series is spread across 7 different classes meaning there is always somebody to race against. Tin Tops cars may also race in Modern Classics (1990s models) and/or New Millennium (yr 2000+) as a second race only, if the same car is already entered at the same race meeting. 40 minute race with a mandatory pit stop and 30 minute qualifying session on the same day.

Four simple eligibility rules: Tyres, Induction type, Silhouette and Original engine type. Entries may be either single drivers, two drivers sharing a single car or a 2 car team. Overall winners penalty helps reduce the likelihood of the same car dominating at every round. Freedom of choice when it comes to tyres (MSA list 1A/B/C) and many other modifications are welcomed. Great value racing, join the club as a member for £39 for 12 months, register the car for £99 and enjoy UK race entries at £385.

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