Hscc/Hrsr Bybox Historic Saloon Car Champions

Hscc/Hrsr Bybox Historic Saloon Car Champions

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The following Regulations are set out in accordance with the MSA specified format and it should be clearly understood that if the following texts do not clearly specify that you can do it, you should work on the principle that you cannot.
HRSR Races are open to saloon cars of which the model was in series production on or
before January 1st 1966 and which appears on the permanent list of eligible vehicles held by the HRSR and for saloon cars complying with the Technical Regulations for Historic Production Touring and Historic Competition Touring cars, contained in the FIA Appendix K to the International Sporting Code 2007.
By saloon car is meant a vehicle equipped to seat at least four normal size adults in comfort, fitted with a non-detachable roof integral with the body, and having a windscreen, side and rear windows. Two plus two cars and van derived estate cars are not eligible.
It is intended that the technical regulations contained herein represent a qualified and clarified interpretation of the FIA Special Touring Cars Group 5 Definitions and Specifications, as contained in the RAC handbook for the season 1966 chapter vii, pages 251 & 252.
Eligible saloons may be either Homologated or Un-Homologated. If a model of car is Homologated then that car may use parts that appear within its Homologation papers up to December 31st 1966, and it may then be prepared to these regulations. If not, then they are restricted to parts and modifications specifically permitted by these regulations or FIA Appendix K Technical Regulations for Historic Production Touring and Historic Competition Touring Cars.
Cars having registered and competed in the championship prior to January 2001 may continue to run at the engine capacities at which they have previously competed in the HRSR championship.Provided they are either in the same ownership as they were at 1st January 2001 or have competed in the HRSR Championship subsequent to that date.
All cars that have not registered or competed in the HRSR Championship prior to January 1st 2001 may only compete in the correct class that the cars original showroom or Homologated engine size places it, subject to 5(7)1.
All cars registering in the Appendix K classification must be correct to their Homologation and F.I.A. papers, irrespective of capacity class.
Every competitor entering a car in the Appendix K classification must be in possession of current F.I.A. Identity papers for the car entered and present them for inspection at scrutineering at every race entered.
Period Classification - Original Special Touring Cars
Cars of confirmed Historical interest that competed in International Touring Car events
under Appendix J of the FIA up to 31.12.1966 - and are otherwise not eligible under these
regulations - are allowed to compete, provided they are correct to those regulations. Cars built to the RAC version of the 1965/1966 Group 5 Regulations are NOT eligible.
The burden of proof of originality and competitive history falls upon the prospective entrant and must be submitted in advance for approval by the HRSR.
5(3) SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: All MSA Yearbook Appendix Q Safety Criteria Regulations apply as relevant.
In general, all eligible vehicles must be fitted with laminated glass windscreens, full
harness, safety belts, FIA or manufacturer approved roll-over bars and fire
extinguishers. All Competitors must make sure that their car complies with all the
relevant safety requirements as outlined in the current MSA Yearbook.
All vehicles must comply with their HSCC or FIA identity documents and, subject to those documents indicating
otherwise, must comply with MSA general technical regulations E and J.
Unless a specific waiver is appended to an individual regulation or regulation subsection , in which case the waiver
will apply to the subsection only, all cars must comply fully with these regulations, or the FIA Appendix K for
Historic Production Touring and Historic Competition Touring cars. Unless accepted under ' period classification'
in section 5(2).
Please note that these regulations will be rigorously enforced throughout the year. Random inspections will be made in the paddock and in the parc ferme in addition to the pre race eligibility scrutineering. The areas of particular interest are: Engines, Transmissions, Bodywork, Inner wheel arches, Suspension systems, Cross members, Engine mountings and location, inspections may include sealing of engines. To facilitate this action all cars must have two adjacent head bolts cross drilled to accept lock wire.
5(5) CHASSIS/BODYSHELL: No Modifications are allowed
The exceptions are those strictly necessary for the fitting of a brake pedal box as per 5(11).1, for the purpose of attaching damper mountings and other items as per 5(8).2 and work strictly related to

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