Kit Car Championship

Kit Car Championship


Genuine production kit cars running in classes.

The 750 Motor Club Kit Car Championship is for Genuine 'production' kit cars. Chassis and bodywork materials and the design concept may not be changed. Cars must be capable of passing an MoT test.
Class A): 2001 ccs up to 3651ccs two valves per cylinder with maximum of 2 carburettor chokes, plus the Ford 2000cc, 16 Valve (Duratec DHE 420) engine in its 145PS form.
Class B):up to 2000cc two valve per cylinder with maximum of 2 carburettor chokes, up to 1700ccs two valve per cylinder with carburetion as per 5.7.5., plus up to 1600ccs 16-valve 4-cylinder production car engines.
Class C):Ford 'Zetec' engines.
Class D):One make RAW Striker Challenge car.
Gearbox and diff must be from a production car. The control tyre is the Yokohama AO32R/AO48R. Rim width is 6" or 7" depending upon class.

Details and Specifications

Ad ID:
Vehicle Type:
GT/Sports Car
Drive Type:
Tyre Type:
MSA List 1A/1B
Realistic Inclusive Budget:
Typical Vehicle Min Purchase Price:
Typical Vehicle Max Purchase Price:
Organising Club:
750 Motor Club
Ad Type:
Uk Or Non-Uk:
Licence Requirement:
National B
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